Pumi puppies

Čížkovice, 8, CZ-46821 Maršovice - Cizkovice 1.dil (Reichenberger Region, Tschechien)
Hunde kaufen
Bohemia Vivace
Pannonia Klub z.s.
black, grey, fawn, white
Name der Mutter:
Hestiá Haagenti Bohemia Vivace
03.12.23 (5 Monate 2 Wochen alt)
Gesundheit (Mutter):
HD A, ED 0/0, patella 0/0, OCD negative, spondyloza neg., eyes clear
Prüfungen (Mutter):
herding NHAT (other soon) , agility soon IA1
Name des Vaters:
Caelus Marcus Pumida
Gesundheit (Vater):
HD A, ED 0/0, patella 0/0, OCD negative, spondyloza neg., eyes clear
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Beautiful PUMI puppies are already looking for the best owners after their show-successful parents (the mother is a multi-champion and is also dedicated to agility and herding). 8 puppies were born (5 boys and 3 girls in gray, black, white and fawn) on December 3, 2023. Contract, passport, chip, vaccination, deworming and proof of origin are a matter of course, the puppies are in the Czech Republic. It is a medium-sized breed with its typical mischievous expression. He can be active and do all the sports and activities that the owner can think of (we are dedicated to agility, exhibitions, herding, coursing) or just be a faithful companion who is your shadow and likes to roll around in bed with you for days. The coat does have to be combed and cut, but it doesn't shed, which is a wonderful bonus, and it is also a hypoallergenic breed suitable for people with allergies (tested during x years of working in canitherapy with my dogs for seniors and children with disabilities). The only minus could be the barking of the breed, and it's really part of it, but believe me, it's not that crazy (for over 20 years, I lived in a block of flats where we raised this breed). Pumi took my heart and I am loyal to him and I always expand the pack along my line and only with this breed. Those who know me know and can confirm that my dogs are friendly and approachable. If you are interested in this breed, would like to learn more, come and see. You are all welcome.
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