alle Hundezüchter
Französische Bulldogge

Französische Bulldogge-Züchter "FrenchBulldogEurope"

Datum: 25.09.2020 | Aufrufe: 688
Französische Bulldogge im Bild.
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6721 Szeged (H - Ungarn)
Kiss Gergely
0036 20 4476385
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weitere Informationen

We are a family, we are not professional breeders. Our goal is to find a forever loving home for our puppies. We live on a farm, our puppies are active all day long out in the open and live with us in our house as family members, we train them. They are very well socialized and have a wonderful personality!

Best ancestors
The pets’ parents were very strictly examined before our breeding program, so their genes, body structure, health are the best possible. We send you photos of the parents as well for your satisfaction.

Healthy and happy puppies
Our puppies get the highest quality food and vitamins to insure they develop a great immune system and are checked by our vet every week.
They are playing all day in the garden with our children and other dogs!

Lifelong help
We give you lifelong help by raising your new family member. We answer any questions you have in 24 hours!!! We are not dealers, we have a lot of experience, our goal is to find a loving home to our puppies!

alle Hundezüchter
Französische Bulldogge