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Catahoula Leopard Dog-Züchter "DAMs catahoulas"

Datum: 17.05.2022 | Aufrufe: 211
Catahoula Leopard Dog im Bild.
DAMs catahoulas
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4000 Kranj (SLO - Slowenien)
Frau Urša Stare
00386 403 52055 od. 00386 403 52055
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weitere Informationen

Kennel de Amica Mea (DAMs catahoulas) have available puppies, born end of April.
Parents are Coahoma`s Irricana and Phoenix Rising`s Buckshot. They both are family dogs with a lot of sport and working activities. Irricana is active in nosework, hiking, canicross and basic obedience. Buckshot is excellent on mantrailing, search and rescue, and schootering.
Lines from this two goes back to Travel&Blues,, Facahatchees, Adens, Crawdads, A-OKs, Stone Throws, Pumpkinhills, Roselands, El Dorados...
In addition to flawless health results, a great focus on work and openness to people of both parents, we expect puppies who will be an excellent sports and working companions for active owners and families. We certainly expect excellent predispositions for any kind of a nosework and a desire to please the owner. But like any catahoula, puppies will need clearly set goals and limits,together with (lot of) mental and physical work.

DAM: Coahomas Irricana (Kana)
(Crawdads Louisiana (USA) x Coahomas Arlington (SK))
HD A/A, ED 0/0,DM clear
Scissor bite, full dentition
Clear vision&hearing
Ma/Ma, S/S, D/D
canicross, nosework, basic obedience, hiking

sire: Phoenix Risingss Buckshot (Lennox Jr.)
(Cardi's Bootie Bootz (Canada) x Lennox Sumici Kridla (CZ))
HD A/A, ED 0/0, DM clear
Scissor bite, full dentition
Clear vision and hearing
Ma+/Mc+, S/S, D/D
Search and rescue dog, mantrailing, scootering

Puppies will come with EU passport, health certificate, NALC registration paper, and puppy package with food, toy, blanket, collar, leash... They will be multiply dewormed, vaccinated by program, vet checked and socialised. They living with us inside the house as a full family members.
We are looking for a best possible homes, where puppies will be a full members of their new family.

If you are interested in puppy, dont hesitate to contact us. We have available both males and females.

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