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Böhmischer Raubart-Züchter "Venaticus major"

Datum: 20.11.2015 | Aufrufe: 3654
Böhmischer Raubart im Bild: Wasserarbeit Cesky Fousek Hundin
zwinger: Venaticus Major (Holland)
Venaticus major
Nächster Wurf:
keine Angabe
9287 NV Twijzelerheide (NL - Friesland)
Frau Lotte van Dijk
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weitere Informationen

Cesky Fousek kennel ‘Venaticus Major’ is a small kennel that occasionally breeds a litter. We walk and work with the dogs daily. We train the dogs for upland field work on birds, retrieving, and tracking of deer.
We compete in field trials (pointing birds), retrieving and tracking tests in The Netherlands and abroad.
At least once a year we travel to the Czech Republic to work the dogs in their home country.
Occasionally we show the dogs at an exhibition.

Hunting small game and upland field work on birds is our greatest passion.

The Cesky Fousek is a highly driven, predator-sharp, friendly and affectionate versatile hunting dog that can be put to work before and after the shot.
The Cesky Fousek is a very social and gentle dog who loves to work for and with his master.
While gentle of character his passionate hunting drive causes him to be tough for himself in the field. He loves the water and is tenacious, which ensures excellent performance as retriever of small game and tracker of deer, elk and boar.
He takes to training readily and is very popular among Czech huntsmen.
In the house he is calm and observant of house rules.
In the field the Cesky Fousek is a different dog altogether: full of energy and always in search of possible game.
It is a working dog in need of a master who appreciates the innate hunting drive, understands it and gives the dog opportunity to develop under proper guidance. If this is the case your reward will be a very hard working, reliable and outstanding pointer, retriever and tracker. A wonderful hunting buddy and family friend.

In my breeding I select primarily on the working abilities of the dog. This obviously involves also health, temperament and conformation, since these are indispensible aspects of the dog’s capacity to work.
Even though the Cesky Fousek is a multi-purpose game dog my selection stresses the work of the pointing dog. The reason for this is that working feather prior to the shot is the discipline that requires more natural aptitude than any other discipline.

Breeding objective
Dogs with a great hunting drive, an honest and open character, and a functional conformation typical for the breed, which enables working at a high pace.
Key terms:
Natural hunting aptitude

When you are interested in a puppy of our breeding, please contact me to put your name on the puppy list. Then I will keep you posted about any breeding plans.

Int. Champ. Asta z Krotejovskych lesu
zwinger: Venaticus Major (Holland)
zwinger: Venaticus Major
Storm Venaticus Major - JW'09, ES'10
Cesky Fousek Hundin im Zwinger: Venaticus Major (Holland)
Portret Cesky Fousek Hundin
Int. Champ. Asta z Krotejovskych lesu - ES '09
Zwinger: Venaticus Major (Holland)
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