alle Rassehund-Welpen
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel-Welpen vom Züchter "Lipové Srdce"

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel im Bild.
Lipové Srdce
3000 € pro Welpe
Celebrant Telperion
(on websites)
Iocasta Prokopská Hvězda
(on websites)
190 16 Praha (CZ - Prag)
Sofie Lebdušková
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weitere Informationen

Cavalier King Charles puppies with FCI pedigree

LIPOVÉ SRDCE Kennel is offering Cavalier King Charles puppies with FCI pedigree, passport, maternity and paternity test. They will be also chipped,
dewormed and completely vaccinated. They are learned to exude outside and walk on the harness. They are ready to go to new homes, soon.

I am a member of the Czech-Moravian Cynological Union.

Their mother Iocasta is very small (only 5,6kg!), has a soft expression, a beautiful exterior and a great nature. 
shows: 1x CAJC and first place in her class at the international show.
medical tests: DNA profile, EFS/CC clear by parents; listening examination of the heart clear (10/20); examination for dislocation of the patella 0/0 - clear (10/20); eye examination - clear (06/18); blood test - better than average (06/18).

Their father is Club Ch., Dt. Ch. ICC, Dt. Ch. VK, Jch.CZ, Club Jch.icc & vk (De) Celebrant Telperion. He is very handsome and kind, I hope he handed over the best from him.
medical tests: DNA (EFS/CC) clear; Heart 1/2018, 7/2019 Askultation clea; Heart Doppler + EKG 8/2018, 07/2019 clear; MRT SM 0c, CM1 Patela 0/0; Eyes clear.
shows: 14x CAJC, 2x JBIS3, 2x BOJ, Jugendsieger, TOP Blenheim dog 2017 - Cavalier club Prague, Bester Jugendhund 2017 - ICC Club Deutschland, 16xCAC, 2x res. CACIB, CACIB, 2x BOS, BOB, Bester Rüde, Bayern Sieger, Crufts Qualification 2020.

Thanks to their nature, cavaliers are also suitable for the apartment and for the little children or total beginners. They adapt their activity to the owner - you can have a couch dog or an athlete.

We are looking for the best possible loving home for our puppies, where the new owners will have enough time for them and provide them exemplary care. Breeding privileges are possible, if we both agree with this, but not necessary. Participation in dog shows are not necessary (except one in a lifetime).

We are located in Czech Republic, near Prague.
You can look at our websites for more information or send me an email.

alle Rassehund-Welpen
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel