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Englische Bulldogge-Züchter "Bulldog World Kennel"

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Bulldog World Kennel
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9023 Gyor (H - Ungarn)
Herr Roland Zalka
0036 3670 5017494
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Our kennel can be found in Hungary.

Our dogs and puppies are living with us on our own farm, where we are keeping horses as well! That's why we have pretty much space for both, they can run a lot. It is important for us, to keep the dogs in a good shape, and keep the breeding dogs in a very healthy area.

Our dogs are good to stand all standard demands. Our kennel dogs are members of the local bulldog club (hungary bulldog section), the FCI, and the MEOE (Hungarian Dog Association). We try to give the best to the dogs and the puppies, we are feeding them with premium food, vitamins, and they are under control by veterinarians!

We are constantly checking the bulldogs' characteristic, assumption on dog shows. We try to learn more about the British Bulldogs in its own country, about its origin, how to keep them and about the requirements!

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alle Hundezüchter
Englische Bulldogge